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Gift Baskets

We have five options for Dani's gift baskets, you just choose the scents!

$10 Mini Basket: 2 oz Hemp Lotion, 1 soap bar, 1 lip balm

$15: 4 oz Hemp Lotion, 1 bath bomb, 1 soap, 1 lip balm

$20: 8 oz. hemp, 1 bath bomb, 2 soaps, 1 lip balm

$25: 1 goat cream or 8 oz hemp lotion, 1 bath bomb, 1 bubble bath, 2 soaps, 1 lip balm

$30: 1 goat cream or 8 oz hemp lotion, 2 bath bombs, 1 bubble bath, 2 soaps, 2 lip balms.

Custom: pick your products, price is the cost of the products only!


Any basket can be changed or added to, the price changes as the cost of the products chosen changes. Also, Veronica and her son, Joshua, started their own gift basket business, and they can also create gift baskets that include other things we don't sell in the shop. See photos below for examples. Contact us here by chat, or call us at (316) 871-6025 to get started! 


We also offer men's gift baskets!

Currently Available


$50 Hello Kitty Basket! Includes 8" Easter plush, La Creme Silky Skin Spa set ( rosy strawberry 3D bath bomb & body scrub, jumbo coloring & activity book, wall walker toy, sidewalk chalk with holder, kite, Pez candy & dispenser, bubble wand, strawberry-filled marshmallows, Easter egg with candy, and gummy pop. If you would like a Hello Kitty Basket for an older child or young adult, we can switch out some of the items for things like Hello Kitty lashes, press-on nails, and a facial sheet mask. We also have 6" Hello Kitty Easter Squishmallows available. Price may change depending on products included.


$50 Giant Squishy Cinna-Bunny Basket. Includes a 14" Zuru Snackables super squishy Cinna-Bunny, Easter bubbles, Easter chalk with holder, Play-Doh Easter stampers, Cotton Candy Peeps, 1 lb. of mixed Dove Chocolate & Kisses, Easter jump rope, and 8 mini scented Crayola play doughs. This one is available to bid on at the downtown YMCA for their fundraiser to benefit their programs for children.

Past Baskets

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