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A story of freshness


Meet Danielle

Danielle (right, pictured with her younger sister, our scent guru) was an Industrial Engineer in the aircraft industry before she began making her own soaps in 2005.  Dani's Handmade came about in a quest to create more natural and pure products that nourished her skin without irritation, because she was sensitive to most products on the market.  When others showed an interest in her homemade skin care, she began putting more and more time and energy into formulating recipes to be able to sell to the public.  After several years of trying to work as an engineer while also running her own business, she finally took a leap of faith and left her aircraft job to dedicate herself fully to her bath & body shop.  

Dani has now been in business for 18 years, and recently has grown her business into a family affair, with both her sisters and her brother-in-law on staff. She has never regretted her choice to switch her career, for while the hours are longer, they are so much more fulfilling.  The weekly testimonials from people that she's helped resolve skin conditions, and the effusive comments about the quality of her products, has been extremely gratifying and regularly reaffirms why she made the choice to do move in a different direction. Danielle loves what she does, and hopes you do too! 

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